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Photo used with the permission of the PA Media Group – Patriot News.


New Book Update

My new book is now completed and will be published in April by the

Environmental Law Institute of Washington, D.C. The title is     

The Constitutional Question to Save the Planet. The book features a 

preface by Tom Udall, former Senator from New Mexico, and strong blurbs from

prominent Republicans and Democrats. Written to mark the 50th anniversary of 

Pennsylvania's environmental rights amendment, Articled 1, Section 27,

on May 18, 1971, the book tells the history of Article 1, Section 27, examines

environmental constitutional law in the United States and projects it forward

50 years as a fundamental weapon to fight climate change here in the USA and

the world at large. The book advocates enactment into the U.S. Constitution

of an environmental amendment like Pennsylvania's Article 1, Section 27. 


Franklin Kury brings an unusual blend of experience as an elected state legislator, lawyer in a major law firm, and lobbyist to produce insightful analyses of state legislatures and the issues they confront. His perspective is used for books he has written and speeches he delivers at symposiums, retreats, and workshops on legislative and environmental subjects.



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